Pacifiers don’t suck!

It is common practice to hold off on the introduction of a pacifier until breast feeding is well established, typically 2 to 4 weeks.  From 27 weeks gestation sucking calms the parasympathetic nervous sytem by reducing stress hormones that facilitate an infant's capacity for early self regulation.  Sucking on a pacifier after feeding can help... Continue Reading →

Feeding Infants with Recessed Jaw or Retrognathia at Breast or with Bottle

  Infants with recessed jaw/ retrognathia present with unique feeding challenges and are sometimes misdiagnosed with ankyloglossia or tongue tie.  This is of particular concern, because in some cases a frenulectomy is contraindicated. Although the anterior maxillary and mandible alignment is impacted, the primary concern is the tongue sitting posteriorly toward the pharynx. In severe... Continue Reading →

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