Eating Bubbles!!

Fun! I’m working with an 18 month old with complex GI status. Her Mom reports she won’t drink but will eat bubbles when in the bathtub. The Barista at my hospital coffee cart whipped up frothy coconut milk. She LOVED eating “bubbles”from her fingers and spoon and, at the end, drank the milk that accumulated... Continue Reading →

Pacifiers don’t suck!

It is common practice to hold off on the introduction of a pacifier until breast feeding is well established, typically 2 to 4 weeks.  From 27 weeks gestation sucking calms the parasympathetic nervous sytem by reducing stress hormones that facilitate an infant's capacity for early self regulation.  Sucking on a pacifier after feeding can help... Continue Reading →

Feeding Infants with Recessed Jaw or Retrognathia at Breast or with Bottle

  Infants with recessed jaw/ retrognathia present with unique feeding challenges and are sometimes misdiagnosed with ankyloglossia or tongue tie.  This is of particular concern, because in some cases a frenulectomy is contraindicated. Although the anterior maxillary and mandible alignment is impacted, the primary concern is the tongue sitting posteriorly toward the pharynx. In severe... Continue Reading →

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